NARRTC Distinguished Service, Commendation & Special Contribution Awards

The NARRTC Awards Committee will be seeking nominations for the 2019 Awards in the upcoming months. NARRTC Awards are a key way that the organization recognizes exceptional support and service. Awards are presented during the annual conference. Please consider nominating a colleague. The nomination form will be available at a later date. Questions regarding the NARRTC awards process can be directed to the Awards Committee Chairperson.

NARRTC Award categories include:

    Distinguished Service

    Awarded to individuals who have made impressive contributions to the field of disability through research, teaching, service, or advocacy. The Distinguished Service Award is generally given for sustained contributions or an accumulation of life-time achievements. It is the highest recognition conferred by NARRTC.


    Awarded for research, teaching, service, or advocacy in the field of disability for specific, focused activities or achievements. Commendations recognize important contributions that strategically or creatively advance the field of disability.

    Special Contribution

    Awarded for leadership activities and major accomplishments on behalf of NARRTC as an organization. Special Contribution Awards recognize diligence, service, commitment, and leadership in the context of organizational affairs or related spheres of activity.

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