Mission Statement

The ultimate mission of NARRTC is to promote the full inclusion of persons with disabilities in American society through applied research and training. As an association, NARRTC values excellence in the quality of the research process and product, relevance of research efforts to solving issues of disability and service delivery, and products which are disseminated, used, and evaluated in such a manner as to make a difference in the lives of persons with disabilities. Further, the association values participatory action research and training efforts which are conducted with the cooperation and participation of people with disabilities and seeks research results that are valuable to people with disabilities, their families, stakeholders and policy makers. The NARRTC values integrity and efforts which protect the rights of the subjects of research. The NARRTC has a commitment to full community work integration, participation, and access for all persons with disabilities and supports the right to self determination and choice. The association also values diversity and respects the contributions of all persons to the research and training process.

The NARRTC and its members promote the involvement of cross-disability, cross-age, cross-ethnic and cross-gender perspectives and groups in research, dissemination, training and employment. The NARRTC believes that research contributes to the advancement of the state of the art rehabilitation services through the application of the scientific method and generation of new knowledge, methods, technology and revised policies. Critical thinking challenges basic assumption about disability and enhances the possibilities of full inclusion and participation in society for all persons with disabilities.

Download NARRTC Brochure (873kb PDF)