Mission Statement

Who we are

NARRTC is a diverse association of NIDILRR stakeholders that promotes the generation and application of rigorous, relevant disability research and practice to support the full inclusion of people with disabilities and their families.

What we do

Each spring in Washington DC, NARRTC convenes an annual meeting with former, current and future grantees and NIDILRR administrators and staff, to share current research and demonstration findings, effective training and technical assistance strategies, and knowledge translation methods.

Our mentoring program seeks to match new NIDILRR grantees with established researchers and knowledge translation experts, fostering opportunities for them to meet at the annual conference.

Throughout the year, we offer practical educational activities on such topics such as grants administration, research methods, knowledge translation, and community engagement. We also seek to raise awareness among our membership of similar, no-cost resources available to them from other organizations.

NARRTC is on the steering committee of the Disability and Rehabilitation Research Coalition, a group of national non-profit organizations committed to enhancing the federal commitment to disability, independent living, and rehabilitation research. With the DRRC, we work on legislative and budgetary issues of relevance to NIDILRR, and share relevant policy updates with our members.

Why we do it

We are accountable to NIDILRR, and ultimately to the US taxpayers who fund our work. We are committed to the generation of new knowledge, and to its effective use to improve the abilities of individuals with disabilities to perform activities of their choice in the community.

NARRTC members are committed to improving the quality of life, independence of life choices, and inclusion of individuals with disabilities and their families. We value interdisciplinary perspectives and diversity of life experience, and endorse the full inclusion of people with disabilities in all aspects of our research, training, technical assistance, knowledge translation, development and demonstration activities.